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Out of the blue…. waters of Walker bay “Die Seerowers” came ashore with the release of 6 pirates. These lifestyle wines are produced by Villion Family Wines and are mainly from Walker Bay maritime origin.

Africa is the only continent where you’ll still find real active pirates roaming the seas. We are hoisting the Jolly Roger, claiming it with a humorous tweak, indigenous to people from Africa who can find the humour in any situation.

“Die Seerowers” shows off the Viljoen’s fun side and their love for quirky Afrikaans language and the South African diverse cultures. Not taking life to serious whilst sharing some laughs with friends.

Jo Vabond Chenin Blanc 2019

Dis duidelik. Jo Vabond eet graag kreef, perlemoen, pasta en gebraaide vis op die kole.

Jo is easy going, riding the waves as they roll in. With his sunny personality, he eases though the worst of storms, cracking a joke whilst being naturally cool. Keeping it real, brother, keeping it real.

Rosa Rabbedoe Rosé 2019

Rosa Rabbedoe hou veral van sushi, vars somerslaai en hanteer aandag met gemak.

Rosa is a captivating and playful Rosé. She embodies the classical style of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Seductive and balanced, with perfumed confidence. Be careful.

Sarel Seemonster Sauvignon Blanc 2019

Sarel Seemonster spin die meeste oor vis, hoender geregte en Rosa se skoot.

Sarel is preferred and cuddled by many. He thinks he rules the ship, and he’s probably not far from right! He is both feisty with expression and demands attention with calm confidence.

Zak Skobbejak Shiraz

Zak Skobbejak Shiraz 2018

Zak Skobbejak hou van wildsvleis-geregte, springbok carpaccio, pasteie en romerige pastas.

Zak is a real gentleman, boasting with confidence. With his charming personality and spicy demeanour, he wins the hearts of many. He loves to captivate his audience.

Kaptein Karnuffel Cabernet Sauvignon

Kaptein Karnuffel Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

Kaptein Karnuffel geniet ‘n lekker geurige stukkie vleis, van ‘steak’ tot frikkadel, saam met die geselskap van die skoner geslag.

Kaptein Karnuffel steers the ship. He is boldly and proudly South African. Unphased by temperamental weather conditions, he leads by example. Confident, strong and true to his origin.

Ben Bullebak Merlot

Ben Bullebak Merlot 2018

Ben Bullebak hou van rugby, braai en min slaai.

Ben is a full-bodied heavy weight, bound to stop you in your tracks. Rough and tough, with a heart of gold. Soft around the edges, leaving a lasting impression …. Keep clear of Rosa when he is around.