About Us

Villion Family Wines

Villion Family Wines focus on the production of premium wines. This means that vineyards are selected for specific contributions to create wines of International distinction.

Selection criteria include age of the vineyards, sustainable and nature friendly production methods, limited yields, high altitude sites, clone differences and close proximity to the ocean.

Villion Family Wines does not limit itself to use fruit only from a specific ward, but actually use the strengths of fruit from different wards, in creating unique styles of wine.


Villion Wines HistoryJacobus A.S.Viljoen (Kobie), proprietor of Villion Family Wines, is a descendant of the first French Huguenot, Francois Villion, who made South Africa his permanent residence in 1671.

From then on the Villion family (changed to Viljoen later on in the Afrikaans language) made their living from farming the fertile soils of the Cape of Good Hope, focusing on vineyards.

The Winemaker

Kobie ViljoenKobie Viljoen, with his twenty years of experience and combining with detailed and focused winemaking, takes hand selected fruit through the processes to capture the essential components of colour, flavour and texture within his wines.

Environmental friendly and traditional methods which include spontaneous fermentation and open top fermentations, add to the authenticity of the wines.

Judicious maturation in French oak barrique and timeous maturation in bottle, embodies the essence of the wines created.

Kobie Viljoen was educated at the Agricultural College of Elsenburg in Stellenbosch, Western Cape. He obtained a Diploma in CellarTechnology and distinguished himself as one of the top students in his class.

During the following 20 years, he attained valuable experience in top South African cellars.

Being very successful as winemaker, he was well awarded for the wines he created, locally and internationally, before he established the company: Villion Family Wines (Pty) Ltd.

“It is well with my soul”